The Problem

Attention Texans: storm season is upon us. Across the state, we are experiencing thunderstorms, hail storms, tornadoes, and potentially even hurricanes--each with the ability to cause extensive property damage. However, many do not know that even when a storm has passed, the threat persists for Texas homeowners, especially in communities with large elderly populations and those that have already been through major emotional distress.

Scammers, often from out of state, flock to recently storm-battered areas to take advantage of unsuspecting victims in need of fast repairs to protect their property. Typically, the roof scammers offer desperate homeowners quick, cheap repairs for a high down payment. Once the homeowner completes the payment, the fraudulent roofer will leave after performing little, if any, of the necessary work. The victim is out their money and still has a dangerous situation above their heads. In the worst situations, the homeowner loses their entire insurance pay out to these scammers.

... but...


Amazingly, the state of Texas does not require a license to perform roofing services, making it more difficult for residents to verify a roofer’s credibility and more tempting to take risks in repair decisions when someone offers a deal too good to be true. Texas doesn’t even have a voluntary registration process for good roofing contractors to join in order to differentiate themselves from the scammers who prey on victims after a storm.

Beyond helping Texas consumers avoid fraud, licensing and voluntary registration also help victims find the responsible party and hold them accountable by having information on file with the state. However, without any state oversight of the profession, fraudulent roofers are incredibly hard to track down after failing to render the services promised.


Texas has a diverse geography and our residents are faced with severe weather events of all kinds regularly.


We must act now to protect Texans.